You’ve got a video idea to raise awareness + attract supporters.


But you’ve never created videos.

Don’t worry - I’ve got this! test

Let’s simplify with:

A clear roadmap to follow

Everything you need to know + do before you press record. Plus, how to identify a strong visual story that puts the community you serve in the hero’s cape.

Thought-provoking questions

What to ask yourself to prepare for e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. The magic is in the planning + editing - and keeping all those with veto power happy.

Jam-packed resources

Lists, lists, and more lists of video editing options, hosting platforms, transcription services, and royalty-free stock visuals + music. Plus, video size optimization per social media platform.

Zero to done in 5 steps - no fancy tech required

It’s not about the gear - really! Storytelling is the key to powerful videos.

You’ll also receive updates about the Nonprofit Video Lab.

I can’t wait for you to start!

Adding video to your toolkit isn’t rocket science, but it IS the fastest, most powerful way to build community and connect with supporters.

15+ years in content creation, I spend my days filming faculty and students as the Assistant Director of Multimedia for Harvard Business School’s MBA Program. Before then, I was an international photojournalist and witnessed first-hand the power of visuals to transcend barriers.

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