Welcome to the Nonprofit Video Lab!

Your no-fluff guide to building a pipeline of video content in less time for greater impact.

Let’s get it done now. Let’s get it done simply. Let’s get it done together.

Doors Open April 2021

Forget expensive outsourcing

The Nonprofit Video Lab takes all the guesswork out of production so you can create videos that raise awareness + energize supporters, all while using gear already at your fingertips. 

Save Money

Good-bye video producers requiring big teams + even bigger budgets. All you need is a phone, laptop + a fool-proof strategy. I’ve got you covered.

Invest Time Wisely

If you really want a video to sing, the magic lies in planning + editing. Once you learn my L.I.F.T. Method, you’ll manage video projects like a pro - and keep everyone happy along the way. 

Increase Support

57% of people who watch a video about a nonprofit go on to make a donation. And what most grabs people’s attention online? You guessed it - video. Enough said. 

Meet Your Guide


(not just ’Mary’)


International photojournalist turned heart-centered educator, I spend my days filming faculty and students at Harvard Business School. Knowing that it is in giving that we receive, I’m also on a mission to empower nonprofits with the tools of video and the art of storytelling.

What exactly am I going to learn?

Everything to get started on a video project!

Your fool-proof strategy awaits.

I’ve turned 15+ years of success + failures into a step-by-step process to translate your organization’s compelling story into a powerful video that inspires action. Through my signature L.I.F.T. Method, you’ll be ready to produce a video that lifts your organization’s profile - and in turn, lifts the communities you serve. 

Module 1: List Your Goals

Gather all those with veto power + identify your primary goals + audience, how you’ll define success, + potential distribution strategies.

Module 2: Identify Your Story

It’s. All. About. Story. Learn how to identify a story that can be told visually with heightened emotion - with tech already in reach.

Module 3: Film + Edit

How to film, what to ask in interviews, where to find stock visuals + music, + how to layer it all together. Plus, why it’s SO important to stay organized (reuse content + save money!)

Module 4: Tout Your Message

Say it loud, say it proud! But first, customize the size resolution + dimensions to fit the platform (hosting and/or social media), as well as headline + description to appeal to your audience.

I need this!

Not Just A Course - A Community

When you register for the Nonprofit Video Lab, you join a growing community of passionate, heart-centered communication professionals moving mountains to spread their message and increase support.

We talk about e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g behind a private, mobile-first Mighty Networks platform filled with curated articles, resources, chat, polls + more!

Your cheering squad includes people like Zoey, Kate + Amanda!

If you’re ready to dig deep, to embrace all the amazing, beautiful, and challenging gifts of video storytelling, if you’re ready to raise your organization’s profile - all while walking alongside a cheering squad - you’ve come to the right place.

Doors open again in April

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Learn more about your guide, Mary-Knox

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